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I have been thinking big thoughts for the last few days. I mean BIG THOUGHTS. I’ve been pondering what it all means, what my place in it is and how exactly I think I’m making a difference in this crazy world.

Over the last several years, one of the things that I have felt the most proud of is the development of a first rate team. I have mentioned them on this blog more than once. The thing is, as great as the individuals that made up the team were (and they were exceptional), it still took a LOT of work to bring them together and keep them going in the right direction.

It’s not easy getting a team to do what you need them to, especially when we’re talking about technology teams. They’re smart (often accustomed to being the smartest in the room), they have definite ideas about how things should be and they aren’t afraid to speak up (or simply leave to find another job) when they’re unhappy. Couple these factors with the high personnel costs and you have very little margin for error.

As I have ruminated on this stuff, I realized that I have uncovered a need that I don’t see anyone filling. A business that is spending on average $66,000 per year on a technology worker (that’s according to the US Department of Labor) needs to know that it is getting the most out of that investment. A company whose existence is riding on the quality of its software products needs to take care of those developers that brought them to the dance and make sure they are not lost to competitors. A startup company that is watching every dollar it spends needs to be sure that they have the right people making the right decisions. These are not touchy-feely, new age ideas. This is life and death stuff for a business of any age or size.

So here it is. I will break down for you exactly what it takes to create a team that can not only handle the tasks you set out for them, but do it with maximum efficiency and love every minute of it. Does that sound like a line of bull? Tune in and see for yourself!